Changelog for 0.10.14 version

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version 0.10.11

- pthread: Avoid spurious wakeups
- pthread: Fix deadlock during thread initialization
- mpegvideo: Initialize chroma_*_shift and codec_tag even if the size is 0
- vc1dec: Don't decode slices when the latest slice header failed to decode
- vc1dec: Make sure last_picture is initialized in vc1_decode_skip_blocks
- r3d: Add more input value validation
- fraps: Make the input buffer size checks more strict
- svq3: Avoid a division by zero
- rmdec: Validate the fps value
- twinvqdec: Check the ibps parameter separately
- asfdec: Check the return value of asf_read_stream_properties
- mxfdec: set audio timebase to 1/samplerate
- pcx: Check the packet size before assuming it fits a palette
- rpza: Fix a buffer size check
- xxan: Disallow odd width
- xan: Only read within the data that actually was initialized
- xan: Use bytestream2 to limit reading to within the buffer
- pcx: Consume the whole packet if giving up due to missing palette
- pngdec: Stop trying to decode once inflate returns Z_STREAM_END
- mov: Make sure the read sample count is nonnegative
- bfi: Add some very basic sanity checks for input packet sizes
- bfi: Avoid divisions by zero
- electronicarts: Add more sanity checking for the number of channels
- riffdec: Add sanity checks for the sample rate
- mvi: Add sanity checking for the audio frame size
- xwma: Avoid division by zero
- avidec: Make sure a packet is large enough before reading its data
- vqf: Make sure the bitrate is in the valid range
- vqf: Make sure sample_rate is set to a valid value
- vc1dec: Undo mpegvideo initialization if unable to allocate tables
- vc1dec: Fix leaks in ff_vc1_decode_init_alloc_tables on errors
- wnv1: Make sure the input packet is large enough
- dca: Validate the lfe parameter
- rl2: Avoid a division by zero
- wtv: Add more sanity checks for a length read from the file
- segafilm: Validate the number of audio channels
- qpeg: Add checks for running out of rows in qpeg_decode_inter
- mpegaudiodec: Validate that the number of channels fits at the given offset
- asv1: Verify the amount of extradata
- idroqdec: Make sure a video stream has been allocated before returning packets
- rv10: Validate the dimensions set from the container
- xmv: Add more sanity checks for parameters read from the bitstream
- ffv1: Make sure at least one slice context is initialized
- truemotion2: Use av_freep properly in an error path
- eacmv: Make sure a reference frame exists before referencing it
- mpeg4videodec: Check the width/height in mpeg4_decode_sprite_trajectory
- ivi_common: Make sure color planes have been initialized
- oggparseogm: Convert to use bytestream2
- rv34: Check the return value from ff_rv34_decode_init
- matroskadec: Verify realaudio codec parameters
- mace: Make sure that the channel count is set to a valid value
- svq3: Check for any negative return value from ff_h264_check_intra_pred_mode
- vp3: Check the framerate for validity
- cavsdec: Make sure a sequence header has been decoded before decoding pictures
- sierravmd: Do sanity checking of frame sizes
- omadec: Properly check lengths before incrementing the position
- mpc8: Make sure the first stream exists before parsing the seek table
- mpc8: Check the seek table size parsed from the bitstream
- zmbvdec: Check the buffer size for uncompressed data
- ape: Don't allow the seektable to be omitted
- shorten: Break out of loop looking for fmt chunk if none is found
- shorten: Use a checked bytestream reader for the wave header
- smacker: Make sure we don't fill in huffman codes out of range
- smacker: Avoid integer overflow when allocating packets
- smacker: Don't return packets in unallocated streams
- dsicin: Add some basic sanity checks for fields read from the file
- roqvideodec: check dimensions validity
- qdm2: check array index before use, fix out of array accesses
- alsdec: check block length

version 0.10.10

- x86: fft: Remove 3DNow! optimizations, they break FATE
- x86: ac3dsp: Drop mmx variant of ac3_max_msb_abs_int16
- aac: Check init_get_bits return value
- aac: return meaningful errors
- dsicinav: K&R formatting cosmetics
- mov: Seek back if overreading an individual atom
- vcr1: add sanity checks
- pictordec: pass correct context to avpriv_request_sample
- dsicinav: Clip the source size to the expected maximum
- alsdec: Clean up error paths
- ogg: Fix potential infinite discard loop
- nuv: check rtjpeg_decode_frame_yuv420 return value
- nuv: Reset the frame on resize
- nuv: Use av_fast_realloc
- nuv: return meaningful error codes.
- nuv: Pad the lzo outbuf
- nuv: Do not ignore lzo decompression failures
- oma: correctly mark and decrypt partial packets
- oma: check geob tag boundary
- oma: refactor seek function
- 8bps: Bound-check the input buffer
- rtmp: Do not misuse memcmp
- rtmp: rename data_size to size
- lavc: set the default rc_initial_buffer_occupancy
- 4xm: Reject not a multiple of 16 dimension
- 4xm: do not overread the prestream buffer
- 4xm: validate the buffer size before parsing it
- indeo: Do not reference mismatched tiles
- indeo: Sanitize ff_ivi_init_planes fail paths
- indeo: Bound-check before applying motion compensation
- indeo: Bound-check before applying transform
- indeo: reject negative array indexes
- indeo: Cosmetic formatting
- indeo: Refactor ff_ivi_init_tiles and ivi_decode_blocks
- indeo: Refactor ff_ivi_dec_huff_desc
- lavf: fix the comparison in an overflow check
- dv: Add a guard to not overread the ppcm array
- mpegvideo: Avoid 32-bit wrapping of linesize multiplications
- mjpegb: Detect changing number of planes in interlaced video
- matroskadec: Check that .lang was allocated and set before reading it
- ape demuxer: check for EOF in potentially long loops
- lavf: avoid integer overflow when estimating bitrate
- pictordec: break out of both decoding loops when y drops below 0
- ac3: Return proper error codes
- ac3: Clean up the error paths
- ac3: Do not clash with normal AVERROR
- dxa: Make sure the reference frame exists
- h261: check the mtype index
- segafilm: Error out on impossible packet size
- ogg: Always alloc the private context in vorbis_header
- vc1: check mb_height validity.
- vc1: check the source buffer in vc1_mc functions
- bink: Bound check the quantization matrix.
- xl: Make sure the width is valid
- alsdec: Fix the clipping range
- dsicinav: Bound-check the source buffer when needed
- mov: Do not allow updating the time scale after it has been set
- ac3dec: Don't consume more data than the actual input packet size
- indeo: Reject impossible FRAMETYPE_NULL
- indeo5: return proper error codes
- indeo4: Validate scantable dimension
- indeo4: Check the quantization matrix index
- indeo4: Do not access missing reference MV
- adpcm: Unbreak ima-dk4
- ac3dec: validate channel output mode against channel count
- dca: Respect the current limits in the downmixing capabilities
- dca: Error out on missing DSYNC
- pcm: always use codec->id instead of codec_id
- mlpdec: Do not set invalid context in read_restart_header
- pcx: Do not overread source buffer in pcx_rle_decode
- wmavoice: conceal clearly corrupted blocks
- iff: Do not read over the source buffer
- qdm2: Conceal broken samples
- qdm2: refactor joined stereo support
- adpcm: Write the correct number of samples for ima-dk4
- imc: Catch a division by zero
- atrac3: Error on impossible encoding/channel combinations
- atrac3: set the getbits context the right buffer_end
- atrac3: fix error handling
- qdm2: check and reset dithering index per channel
- westwood_vqa: do not free extradata on error in read_header
- vqavideo: check the version
- rmdec: Use the AVIOContext given as parameter in rm_read_metadata()
- avio: Handle AVERROR_EOF in the same way as the return value 0
- wtv: Mark attachment with a negative stream id
- avidec: Let the inner dv demuxer take care of discarding
- swfdec: do better validation of tag length

version 0.10.8
- kmvc: Clip pixel position to valid range
- kmvc: use fixed sized arrays in the context
- indeo: use a typedef for the mc function pointer
- lavc: check for overflow in init_get_bits
- mjpegdec: properly report unsupported disabled features
- jpegls: return meaningful errors
- jpegls: factorize return paths
- jpegls: check the scan offset
- wavpack: validate samples size parsed in wavpack_decode_block
- ljpeg: use the correct number of components in yuv
- mjpeg: Validate sampling factors
- mjpegdec: validate parameters in mjpeg_decode_scan_progressive_ac
- wavpack: check packet size early
- wavpack: return meaningful errors
- apetag: use int64_t for filesize
- tiff: do not overread the source buffer
- Prepare for 0.8.8 Release
- smacker: fix an off by one in huff.length computation
- smacker: check the return value of smacker_decode_tree
- smacker: pad the extradata allocation
- smacker: check frame size validity
- vmdav: convert to bytestream2
- 4xm: don't rely on get_buffer() initializing the frame.
- 4xm: check the return value of read_huffman_tables().
- 4xm: use the correct logging context
- 4xm: reject frames not compatible with the declared version
- 4xm: check bitstream_size boundary before using it
- 4xm: do not overread the source buffer in decode_p_block
- avfiltergraph: check for sws opts being non-NULL before using them
- bmv: check for len being valid in bmv_decode_frame()
- dfa: check for invalid access in decode_wdlt()
- indeo3: check motion vectors
- indeo3: fix data size check
- indeo3: switch parsing the header to bytestream2
- lavf: make sure stream probe data gets freed.
- oggdec: fix faulty cleanup prototype
- oma: Validate sample rates
- qdm2: check that the FFT size is a power of 2
- rv10: check that extradata is large enough
- xmv: check audio track parameters validity
- xmv: do not leak memory in the error paths in xmv_read_header()
- aac: check the maximum number of channels
- indeo3: fix off by one in MV validity check, Bug #503
- id3v2: check for end of file while unescaping tags
- wav: Always seek to an even offset, Bug #500, LP: #1174737
- proresdec: support mixed interlaced/non-interlaced content

version 0.10.6:

- many bug fixes that where found with Coverity

- The following CVE fixes where backported:
  CVE-2012-2796, CVE-2012-2775, CVE-2012-2772, CVE-2012-2776,
  CVE-2012-2779, CVE-2012-2787, CVE-2012-2794, CVE-2012-2800,
  CVE-2012-2802, CVE-2012-2801, CVE-2012-2786, CVE-2012-2798,
  CVE-2012-2793, CVE-2012-2789, CVE-2012-2788, CVE-2012-2790,
  CVE-2012-2777, CVE-2012-2784

- hundreads of other bug fixes, some possibly security relevant,
  see the git log for details.

version 0.10.5:

- Several bugs and crashes have been fixed as well as build problems
  with recent mingw64

version 0.10.4:

- Several bugs and crashes have been fixed
  Note, CVE-2012-0851 and CVE-2011-3937 have been fixed in previous releases

version 0.10.3:

- Security fixes in the 4xm demuxer, avi demuxer, cook decoder,
  mm demuxer, mpegvideo decoder, vqavideo decoder (CVE-2012-0947) and
  xmv demuxer.

- Several bugs and crashes have been fixed in the following codecs: AAC,
  APE, H.263, H.264, Indeo 4, Mimic, MJPEG, Motion Pixels Video, RAW,
  TTA, VC1, VQA, WMA Voice, vqavideo.

- Several bugs and crashes have been fixed in the following formats:
  ASF, ID3v2, MOV, xWMA

- This release additionally updates the following codecs to the
  bytestream2 API, and therefore benefit from additional overflow
  checks: truemotion2, utvideo, vqavideo

version 0.10.1
- Several security fixes, many bugfixes affecting many formats and
  codecs, the list below is not complete.

- swapuv filter

- Several bugs and crashes have been fixed in the following codecs: AAC,
  AC-3, ADPCM, AMR (both NB and WB), ATRAC3, CAVC, Cook, camstudio, DCA,
  DPCM, DSI CIN, DV, EA TGQ, FLAC, fraps, G.722 (both encoder and
  decoder), H.264, huvffyuv, BB JV decoder, Indeo 3, KGV1, LCL, the
  libx264 wrapper, MJPEG, mp3on4, Musepack, MPEG1/2, PNG, QDM2, Qt RLE,
  ROQ, RV10, RV30/RV34/RV40, shorten, smacker, subrip, SVQ3, TIFF,
  Truemotion2, TTA, VC1, VMware Screen codec, Vorbis, VP5, VP6, WMA,
  Westwood SNDx, XXAN.

- This release additionally updates the following codecs to the
  bytestream2 API, and therefore benefit from additional overflow
  checks: XXAN, ALG MM, TQG, SMC, Qt SMC, ROQ, PNG

- Several bugs and crashes have been fixed in the following formats:
  AIFF, ASF, DV, Matroska, NSV, MOV, MPEG-TS, Smacker, Sony OpenMG, RM,

- Libswscale has an potential overflow for large image size fixed.

- The following APIs have been added:


  Please see the file doc/APIchanges and the Doxygen documentation for
  further information.

version 0.10:
- Fixes: CVE-2011-3929, CVE-2011-3934, CVE-2011-3935, CVE-2011-3936,
         CVE-2011-3937, CVE-2011-3940, CVE-2011-3941, CVE-2011-3944,
         CVE-2011-3945, CVE-2011-3946, CVE-2011-3947, CVE-2011-3949,
         CVE-2011-3950, CVE-2011-3951, CVE-2011-3952
- v410 Quicktime Uncompressed 4:4:4 10-bit encoder and decoder
- SBaGen (SBG) binaural beats script demuxer
- OpenMG Audio muxer
- Timecode extraction in DV and MOV
- thumbnail video filter
- XML output in ffprobe
- asplit audio filter
- tinterlace video filter
- astreamsync audio filter
- amerge audio filter
- ISMV (Smooth Streaming) muxer
- GSM audio parser
- SMJPEG muxer
- XWD encoder and decoder
- Automatic thread count based on detection number of (available) CPU cores
- y41p Brooktree Uncompressed 4:1:1 12-bit encoder and decoder
- ffprobe -show_error option
- Avid 1:1 10-bit RGB Packer codec
- v308 Quicktime Uncompressed 4:4:4 encoder and decoder
- yuv4 libquicktime packed 4:2:0 encoder and decoder
- ffprobe -show_frames option
- silencedetect audio filter
- ffprobe -show_program_version, -show_library_versions, -show_versions options
- rv34: frame-level multi-threading
- optimized iMDCT transform on x86 using SSE for for mpegaudiodec
- Improved PGS subtitle decoder
- dumpgraph option to lavfi device
- r210 and r10k encoders
- ffwavesynth decoder
- aviocat tool
- ffeval tool

version 0.9:

- openal input device added
- boxblur filter added
- BWF muxer
- Flash Screen Video 2 decoder
- lavfi input device added
- added avconv, which is almost the same for now, except
for a few incompatible changes in the options, which will hopefully make them
easier to use. The changes are:
    * The options placement is now strictly enforced! While in theory the
      options for ffmpeg should be given in [input options] -i INPUT [output
      options] OUTPUT order, in practice it was possible to give output options
      before the -i and it mostly worked. Except when it didn't - the behavior was
      a bit inconsistent. In avconv, it is not possible to mix input and output
      options. All non-global options are reset after an input or output filename.
    * All per-file options are now truly per-file - they apply only to the next
      input or output file and specifying different values for different files
      will now work properly (notably -ss and -t options).
    * All per-stream options are now truly per-stream - it is possible to
      specify which stream(s) should a given option apply to. See the Stream
      specifiers section in the avconv manual for details.
    * In ffmpeg some options (like -newvideo/-newaudio/...) are irregular in the
      sense that they're specified after the output filename instead of before,
      like all other options. In avconv this irregularity is removed, all options
      apply to the next input or output file.
    * -newvideo/-newaudio/-newsubtitle options were removed. Not only were they
      irregular and highly confusing, they were also redundant. In avconv the -map
      option will create new streams in the output file and map input streams to
      them. E.g. avconv -i INPUT -map 0 OUTPUT will create an output stream for
      each stream in the first input file.
    * The -map option now has slightly different and more powerful syntax:
        + Colons (':') are used to separate file index/stream type/stream index
          instead of dots. Comma (',') is used to separate the sync stream instead
          of colon.. This is done for consistency with other options.
        + It's possible to specify stream type. E.g. -map 0:a:2 creates an
          output stream from the third input audio stream.
        + Omitting the stream index now maps all the streams of the given type,
          not just the first. E.g. -map 0:s creates output streams for all the
          subtitle streams in the first input file.
        + Since -map can now match multiple streams, negative mappings were
          introduced. Negative mappings disable some streams from an already
          defined map. E.g. '-map 0 -map -0:a:1' means 'create output streams for
          all the stream in the first input file, except for the second audio
    * There is a new option -c (or -codec) for choosing the decoder/encoder to
      use, which allows to precisely specify target stream(s) consistently with
      other options. E.g. -c:v lib264 sets the codec for all video streams, -c:a:0
      libvorbis sets the codec for the first audio stream and -c copy copies all
      the streams without reencoding. Old -vcodec/-acodec/-scodec options are now
      aliases to -c:v/a/s
    * It is now possible to precisely specify which stream should an AVOption
      apply to. E.g. -b:v:0 2M sets the bitrate for the first video stream, while
      -b:a 128k sets the bitrate for all audio streams. Note that the old -ab 128k
      syntax is deprecated and will stop working soon.
    * -map_chapters now takes only an input file index and applies to the next
      output file. This is consistent with how all the other options work.
    * -map_metadata now takes only an input metadata specifier and applies to
      the next output file. Output metadata specifier is now part of the option
      name, similarly to the AVOptions/map/codec feature above.
    * -metadata can now be used to set metadata on streams and chapters, e.g.
      -metadata:s:1 language=eng sets the language of the first stream to 'eng'.
      This made -vlang/-alang/-slang options redundant, so they were removed.
    * -qscale option now uses stream specifiers and applies to all streams, not
      just video. I.e. plain -qscale number would now apply to all streams. To get
      the old behavior, use -qscale:v. Also there is now a shortcut -q for -qscale
      and -aq is now an alias for -q:a.
    * -vbsf/-absf/-sbsf options were removed and replaced by a -bsf option which
      uses stream specifiers. Use -bsf:v/a/s instead of the old options.
    * -itsscale option now uses stream specifiers, so its argument is only the
      scale parameter.
    * -intra option was removed, use -g 0 for the same effect.
    * -psnr option was removed, use -flags +psnr for the same effect.
    * -vf option is now an alias to the new -filter option, which uses stream specifiers.
    * -vframes/-aframes/-dframes options are now aliases to the new -frames option.
    * -vtag/-atag/-stag options are now aliases to the new -tag option.
- XMV demuxer
- LOAS demuxer
- ashowinfo filter added
- Windows Media Image decoder
- amovie source added
- LATM muxer/demuxer
- Speex encoder via libspeex
- JSON output in ffprobe
- WTV muxer
- Optional C++ Support (needed for libstagefright)
- H.264 Decoding on Android via Stagefright
- Prores decoder
- BIN/XBIN/ADF/IDF text file decoder
- aconvert audio filter added
- audio support to lavfi input device added
- libcdio-paranoia input device for audio CD grabbing
- Apple ProRes decoder
- CELT in Ogg demuxing
- G.723.1 demuxer and decoder
- libmodplug support (--enable-libmodplug)
- VC-1 interlaced decoding
- libutvideo wrapper (--enable-libutvideo)
- aevalsrc audio source added
- Ut Video decoder
- Speex encoding via libspeex
- 4:2:2 H.264 decoding support
- 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 H.264 encoding with libx264
- Pulseaudio input device
- Prores encoder
- Video Decoder Acceleration (VDA) HWAccel module.
- replacement Indeo 3 decoder
- new ffmpeg option: -map_channel
- volume audio filter added
- earwax audio filter added
- libv4l2 support (--enable-libv4l2)
- TLS/SSL and HTTPS protocol support
- AVOptions API rewritten and documented
- most of CODEC_FLAG2_*, some CODEC_FLAG_* and many codec-specific fields in
  AVCodecContext deprecated. Codec private options should be used instead.
- Properly working defaults in libx264 wrapper, support for native presets.
- Encrypted OMA files support
- Discworld II BMV decoding support
- VBLE Decoder
- OS X Video Decoder Acceleration (VDA) support
- compact and csv output in ffprobe
- pan audio filter
- IFF Amiga Continuous Bitmap (ACBM) decoder
- ass filter
- CRI ADX audio format muxer and demuxer
- Playstation Portable PMP format demuxer
- Microsoft Windows ICO demuxer
- life source
- PCM format support in OMA demuxer
- CLJR encoder
- new option: -report
- Dxtory capture format decoder
- cellauto source
- Simple segmenting muxer
- Indeo 4 decoder
- SMJPEG demuxer

version 0.8:

- many many things we forgot because we rather write code than changelogs
- WebM support in Matroska de/muxer
- low overhead Ogg muxing
- MMS-TCP support
- VP8 de/encoding via libvpx
- Demuxer for On2's IVF format
- Pictor/PC Paint decoder
- HE-AAC v2 decoder
- HE-AAC v2 encoding with libaacplus
- libfaad2 wrapper removed
- DTS-ES extension (XCh) decoding support
- native VP8 decoder
- RTSP tunneling over HTTP
- RTP depacketization of SVQ3
- -strict inofficial replaced by -strict unofficial
- ffplay -exitonkeydown and -exitonmousedown options added
- native GSM / GSM MS decoder
- RTP depacketization of QDM2
- ANSI/ASCII art playback system
- Lego Mindstorms RSO de/muxer
- libavcore added (and subsequently removed)
- SubRip subtitle file muxer and demuxer
- Chinese AVS encoding via libxavs
- ffprobe -show_packets option added
- RTP packetization of Theora and Vorbis
- RTP depacketization of MP4A-LATM
- RTP packetization and depacketization of VP8
- hflip filter
- Apple HTTP Live Streaming demuxer
- a64 codec
- MMS-HTTP support
- G.722 ADPCM audio encoder/decoder
- R10k video decoder
- ocv_smooth filter
- frei0r wrapper filter
- change crop filter syntax to width:height:x:y
- make the crop filter accept parametric expressions
- make ffprobe accept AVFormatContext options
- yadif filter
- blackframe filter
- Demuxer for Leitch/Harris' VR native stream format (LXF)
- RTP depacketization of the X-QT QuickTime format
- SAP (Session Announcement Protocol, RFC 2974) muxer and demuxer
- cropdetect filter
- ffmpeg -crop* options removed
- transpose filter added
- ffmpeg -force_key_frames option added
- demuxer for receiving raw rtp:// URLs without an SDP description
- single stream LATM/LOAS decoder
- setpts filter added
- Win64 support for optimized x86 assembly functions
- MJPEG/AVI1 to JPEG/JFIF bitstream filter
- ASS subtitle encoder and decoder
- IEC 61937 encapsulation for E-AC-3, TrueHD, DTS-HD (for HDMI passthrough)
- overlay filter added
- rename aspect filter to setdar, and pixelaspect to setsar
- IEC 61937 demuxer
- Mobotix .mxg demuxer
- frei0r source added
- hqdn3d filter added
- RTP depacketization of QCELP
- FLAC parser added
- gradfun filter added
- AMR-WB decoder
- replace the ocv_smooth filter with a more generic ocv filter
- Windows Televison (WTV) demuxer
- FFmpeg metadata format muxer and demuxer
- SubRip (srt) subtitle encoder and decoder
- floating-point AC-3 encoder added
- Lagarith decoder
- ffmpeg -copytb option added
- IVF muxer added
- Wing Commander IV movies decoder added
- movie source added
- Bink version 'b' audio and video decoder
- Bitmap Brothers JV playback system
- Apple HTTP Live Streaming protocol handler
- sndio support for playback and record
- Linux framebuffer input device added
- Chronomaster DFA decoder
- DPX image encoder
- MicroDVD subtitle file muxer and demuxer
- Playstation Portable PMP format demuxer
- fieldorder video filter added
- AAC encoding via libvo-aacenc
- AMR-WB encoding via libvo-amrwbenc
- xWMA demuxer
- Mobotix MxPEG decoder
- VP8 frame-multithreading
- NEON optimizations for VP8
- Lots of deprecated API cruft removed
- fft and imdct optimizations for AVX (Sandy Bridge) processors
- showinfo filter added
- SMPTE 302M AES3 audio decoder
- Apple Core Audio Format muxer
- 9bit and 10bit per sample support in the H.264 decoder
- 9bit and 10bit FFV1 encoding / decoding
- split filter added
- select filter added
- sdl output device added
- libmpcodecs video filter support (3 times as many filters than before)
- mpeg2 aspect ratio dection fixed
- libxvid aspect pickiness fixed
- Frame multithreaded decoding
- E-AC-3 audio encoder
- ac3enc: add channel coupling support
- floating-point sample format suppor