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Support analysis of open-source projects ...

If you'd like to improve backward compatibility of some open-sorce C/C++ library then you can become a sponsor of daily compatibility analysis reports for it. The reports are published to the public domain and used by the developers to improve backward compatibility of new releases and by the community to create portable applications across different versions of the library.

The list of analyzed libraries is here. If you didn't find a library in the tracker please ask me to add it.

Funds will be spent to support of the infrastructure (hardware for computations, hosting of reports, backups, etc.), manual verification of new reports for false positives and false negatives, development of basic open-source analysis tools and enabling of detailed analysis reports for a library.

BronzeSupport daily analysis reports on binary compatibility for a library. Show your logo on the front page of a report.900 EUR
1 yearPrepay
SilverBronze + Enable source-compatibility (SC) reports.1500 EUR
GoldSilver + Enable daily reports for master branch of a library.2500 EUR
DiamondGold + Enable detailed analysis reports for a library.3500 EUR
KeystoneDiamond + Support development of open-source analysis tools.4500 EUR