Andrey Ponomarenko's ABI Laboratory

photo of author Hello,

I'm Andrey V. Ponomarenko, software engineer with 10 years of experience including development of the LSB standard and its official test suite in 2006-2009 as part of the ISPRAS team, development of many open-source tools for analysis of C/C++ libraries in 2009-2015 and development of the ROSA Linux distribution in 2011-2015. See more in my CV.

On this site you can read about my open-source tools for analysis of libraries. Most of them are related to the analysis of the application binary interface (ABI) and analysis of backward binary compatibility. I've shared them on github. Also I maintain ABI reports for most popular libraries and the Linux kernel.

Aside from the open-source tools I've created several tools for enterprise software developers and ready to provide quick expertise for a library:

Visualize the ABI structure of a library
Create report for one or more versions of your library by the ABI Viewer — a tool for visualization of the ABI and high-detailed binary compatibility analysis. Read more ...
Binary compatibility analysis for two versions of a library
Analysis of two versions of your library using ABI Viewer and ABI Compliance Checker tools. A detailed HTML-report on binary compatibility will be created for you. Read more ...
Longterm support of binary compatibility for a library
Create binary compatibility reports for your library any time during the year or more. Read more ...
Test suite for a library
Create an automated test suite for your library based on the API Sanity Checker tool. This test suite is generated automatically using declarations of functions and data types from header files and a set of manually written "specialized" data types for your library. Read more ...
ABI timeline for a library
Setup the ABI Tracker tool for your library in order to visualize timeline of ABI changes. Read more ...